Friday, July 8, 2011

Reaching a fever pitch.

The finals for the Chic Girl competition is happening next week. We were only informed of the details last night, which means that we only have 1 week to search for and consolidate the items we need for the event. This may not sound complicated or taxing to you, but believe me, had you read the email that was sent to us and scanned through the whole list of things we are required to have/bring/find, you'd be surprised. I foresee lots of money being spent here, and I can just imagine the stress level I would come to face with in the next few days leading up to the day of the competition. I crumble easily under pressure, and I hope I won't reach the point where I question the value/importance of winning that trip to Tokyo. I'm just hoping the effort I'm about to put in for this competition pays off, because just like all the other girls in this contest, I want to win.

Now, who is available on the 16th next week to help me put on make up? I can't make up!!!

PS: To score invites to the event, proceed to Chic Girl's fan page and follow up on the activities there. Hope to see you there! Event is held at Club Avatar at Marina Mandarin Hotel and event starts at 7 pm.

*Bf, you got no choice. You MUST come down and help me take photos and support me because there won't be anybody in the crowd who would shout my name (besides my small group of friends, provided they are available. I hope you guys can come down!). If not, it's just you. So, I'm counting on you. Hehehe*

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