Friday, July 8, 2011

And all that counts, is here and now.

I think it's pretty unfair that all the effort has to come from one side. When there are benefits being shared, the costs have to be incurred proportionately as well. No one should be carrying the burden himself, unless he is the sole beneficiary of his efforts/actions. RIGHT??

Anyways, last Wednesday, Mamata, Nimisha and I met up to do some catching up. We went to The Foundry at Mohamed Sultan Road for dinner. The seafood pizza was SUPER GOOD I SWEAR. For $15, you get 8 slices of nicely crusted, bite-friendly, seafood abundant pizzas. And the drinks there are soooo cheap, like you can get a can of coke for $2. Where in Singapore can you find a decent restaurant/cafe which sells coke at $2??

Since Mamata had to leave early and because Nimi and I had nothing to do, we decided to go Zirca to get free drinks and air con and a place to sit (Hahahaha! I know right. So cheapo ne neh). We went in damn early too, like we were the first 10 in line! Stayed for an hour before Mish came down to pick me up. The extra 4 drink coupons we left with were given to some random strangers. We didn't party though.

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