Thursday, June 9, 2011

Going, gone.

2 papers down. 1 more paper to go before I can step out of home guilt-free.

Both papers were tough. I count myself lucky if I pass. Thank God August's still a long time away.

Anyways, the little one celebrated her 21st birthday last Friday. The theme was 'Lavender and Ivory', so most of us turned up in either Lavender-purpleish or ivory-whiteish suits. Of course, the birthday girl stood out that night, with her beautifully-straightened hair (complete with an ivory flower accessory on it), pretty purple maxi paired with a nicely-draped vest, and killer purple wedges. We were all speechless when we first saw her. Show stopper okay? Hahaha.

The event was held at OCBC Recreation Centre (I think? I'm not really good at remembering places). There was a karaoke room, foosball table and 2 pool tables to keep us entertained throughout. The place was perfect for a party.

See what I mean? If only she bothers to dress up the way she did when she hangs out with us!!

The food was yummy!

Birthday cake was yummier!

I just had to post this up! Kae and Shar looked so cute here.

Que busy writing in the guest book.

Pretty pretty purple balloon!

Happy birthday Midah (:

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