Thursday, August 29, 2013


Finally found time to blog again! How long have I been missing? Must have been 2 months at least. I miss writing my thoughts and posting outfit photos here. But now that we're nearing off-peak period at work, I should be seeing more of myself here (don't count on it. Haha. I don't know for sure).

But yes, I miss taking ootd shots and writing about it here. I just realise that I have a lot of clothes not worn out yet too. I keep buying, but I haven't got time to wear them. Quite stupid actually, but me can't stand the sight of pretty clothesssss! Oh yeah, I bought a new pair of boots recently too (as a replacement to my JCs. I'm selling away my 2 Jeffrey Campbells, in case you're interested, and wondering. Email me at

Okay, gotta go catch my bus to meet Ayu now. I shall end this entry with some backdated outfit photos. One more day to the weekend. Wooohooooo!!

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