Thursday, January 3, 2013

Little thoughts.

I have a bit of time in my hands while on the train to work, so I figured I pen down a few of my thoughts here.

Work is not easy. Getting up at 7 am is torturous, having to sit through another 9 hours at work is hell and knowing that you only have 3-4 hours left for family, friends/bf and yourself at the end of the day is definitely not something you wish to have. But I realise something else too. To be able to wake up and see the sunrise each day is a blessing. To be able to work and provide for yourself/family is a blessing. To be able to spend that bit of time with your loved ones is a blessing. Just being able to do all that is a blessing. I wish I could be more thankful, more appreciative of the life I get to live. Everyday's a blessing if I can see all these.

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