Sunday, November 18, 2012

Crossing paths.

(Laced skater dress, Nastygal)

My shoes and bag need no introduction. They're the two things that remain constant in every outfit that I put together. As you could probably tell by now, I'm not really into shoes or bags, therefore I can be using the same pair of kicks and bag the whole year round. But clothes- they're important to me. I can't be caught dead wearing the same outfit twice in say, 3 months (unless they're basics, of course). I spend a fortune on new clothes. It's bad really, cause I'll always end up wearing these clothes only twice or thrice throughout the year.

My fickle-mindedness has led me to purchasing both colours of this dress. I am loving the fit! The cross rope detailing on the abdomen is a lovely touch to the otherwise boring design. Perfect for those 'don't-want-to-dress-up-so-much-but-still-want-to-look-good' days.

And yes, I know I'm getting predictable in my poses. I'm too lazy to find a bench to sit on and pose, or think of new ways to pose. After all, what matters most is getting my outfit shot right?

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