Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Gone too soon.

I've always (secretly) wanted to be a model. Not for a magazine or a TV commercial, but for fashion shows. I love the feeling I get when I walk on a runway. I know I can never do this professionally because I'm not tall enough. The New Paper New Face competition allows me to do just that, without the need to meet the industry's height criteria. That's why I keep on trying for New Face every year since 2009 (except in 2011)- to walk on a runway and give a good show.

So I worked hard, lost some weight, tried again this year and got into the Top 20. Last Thursday was a dream come true for me. Besides getting to walk on the runway, I also came in 3rd. The news came as a shock to me, because I really didn't expect myself to win anything after all that happened to me the night before.

Photos are not in order (and obviously, there are far better pictures out there. I'm just too lazy to go search for them. Haha)

My mummy and daddy :) That's my sister-in-law on the right with my naughty niece.

Niece and nephew. My elder brother was away for a work-related trip, and my younger brother was in camp. Mehhh.

The only segment I decided not to smile. Hahaha. SO NOT ME.

Yes, I'm a shortie :(

My awesome supporters <3

I fell sick the night before, so my eyes were swollen on the day of the finals. The make up artiste did a pretty good job concealing the crazy bumps around my eyes.

The best boyfriend in the world <3 He deserves many, many photos here. He was there during my Miss SP pageant, again for the Chic Girl competition and now, my New Face finals.

With 2010 1st runner up, Nada Khalid. My eyes look quite bad here- like you can tell they're swollen.

With the bigger winners, Kylie (1st runner up) and Sharin (winner).

With 2011 winner, Jamie!

Gorgeous Nadia.

Winner of Best Catwalk, Nathasha.

Awww <3

<3 <3 <3 Sadly, I didn't manage to get a photo with the other girls.

If you realise, I am ALWAYS smiling on stage (except for that one part I decided not to). More photos on Facebook! Sorry for the abrupt finish. Gotta go start on my next blog entry. On a side note, I miss these girls already :(

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