Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Triple threat.

(Leopard tank, Topshop. Neon coral skirt, Nastygal. CMYK spike lita, Jeffrey Campbell. Bowling bag, Topshop)

I've been trying out this new thing. To keep my skin clean and clear of pimples and other dirt, I've not been wearing my normal make up out (Normal= eyeliner, very light blusher, sometimes lip stain). I really want to be able to not wear make up once and for all one day, so I guess this is a start? If I do go out to town now, I  avoid eyeliner and wear only mascara (which I don't do on normal days, but I need something to make me look alive, hence the mascara) and lip stain for some colour. I'm trying to avoid blusher too, although I use very little of it on my skin, so that my skin can breathe and be clear of dirt. I have a pale face naturally, so I hope I don't look too horrible without blusher. My aim for now is to avoid any sort of make up that touches the skin. Therefore, mascara and lip stain only should do the trick!

Anyway, I got this neon skirt long ago from Nastygal, but I only manage to get a full outfit shot of it last Saturday. I love, love, LOVE the neon coral colour. I love how it's attention-grabbing and loud, yet wearable at the same time. And obviously, a bad ass skirt like this will only get badder when paired with my favourite spike litas and leopard tank.

The bag was a recent purchase from Topshop. I was torn between the black and the brown, but I went with the brown in the end cause I love the camel brown and gold pairing.

Also, my first Cold Stone Creamery ice cream!

Verdict: Good, but not as tasty as Ben and Jerry's. B&J's Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough still hold the top spot in my list of favourite ice cream flavours.

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