Thursday, September 13, 2012

This part, right here.

Sorry for the long hiatus! Been too lazy to switch on the computer. Anyway, today's update is mainly gonna be about what I've been up to lately. Outfit post will have to wait cause I keep forgetting to insert my memory card back into my camera after uploading past outfit shots in the computer. I keep bringing out a camera with no memory card. All my nice outfits remain uncaptured to this date due to my forgetful nature. Nyehhhh.

So anyway, I've been given the opportunity to model for Tracyeinny (, and I must say I feel very honoured to be doing so for them. These things don't happen very often for me, so I'm really grateful to Jeannie (Tracyeinny's owner) for offering me the role. Some of the apparels that I modeled are already uploaded into their website. Visit their website for more! Here are some of my favourite shots.

My favourite shots of the lot <3

Hari Raya visiting with Sexayes and Bedok gangs (of course on different days for each):

I love you, boyfriend <3 So long neh put your face here. Hahaha.

Big Walk with New Face girls:

Did I mention that the finals is exactly 3 weeks away? Starting next week, I'm gonna be super busy with rehearsals and fittings and appearances. GAHHH! Side note: I miss you girls. I really, really want to ask you girls out for some B & J lovin', but cannot lah. Must take care of my diet and face. Shall we go for salad-feasting instead?

Finally got my F1 passes to watch KATY PERRY LIVEEEEEEE (not so enthu about the race bit, though). I love you KP. Can't wait to see you on the 23rd!

Anyway, today is the 13th (Thursday), which means.............MY SPREAD IS GONNA BE OUT IN THE NEW PAPER TOMORROW! So scared for the pictures man. I hope I don't scare you with my face. I really don't know what to expect. Wish me luck? Lol. 

Will be back with a 'Recent Haul' post, if I'm not too lazy to switch on the computer. Haha.


  1. omg u are so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope you can win the competition!

    1. Thank you dear :) that's really sweet of you.