Tuesday, September 25, 2012

KATY PERRY- My teenage dream.

Our Fanzone wristbands, which allowed us to be as close to the stage as possible!

CAN YOU SEE HOW FREAKING NEAR I AM TO HER? We were at the extreme front of the stage, separated only by barriers and some space for the security guards to stand. AAAHHHH!

Katy Perry is SO, SO, SO much GORGEOUS in person and she sounds AMAZING live! Not a lot of artistes sound good live. She is truly a gem <3 And look at her, so cute please with her chucks!

In case you're wondering, the stage is shaped like a T. That's why I can get both close up and long distance shots of her. Obviously, I like to stand at the longer part of the T because that's where you can really see her. The sucky thing is I hardly get to capture clear shots of her when she's directly in front of me. My camera refused to focus when she's standing near :( Cannot see her pretty face here.

AND THE FREAKING TOWEL I CAUGHT FROM HER! KP threw her used towel at the crowd and guess what, I FREAKING CAUGHT IT! I'm a lucky bitch man :) Too bad the towel don't bear her initials on it! I'm still happy nonetheless. I think Mish managed to capture the moment in his phone. YAY!

I survived my first ever concert (Mish really thought I was gonna pass out cause I don't do well in crowds). I'm glad KP was my first cause really, she's the only favourite artiste I have. I finally lived my TEENAGE DREAM (not so teenage, but whatever haha) of meeting her. I FUCKING LOVE YOU KATY PERRY <3 <3 <3 From your number 1 Katycat, Syirin.

PS: I'll try to upload the videos here soon. Her voice is really incredible, although I think I may have ruined the performance altogether by singing along with her :/ Anyway, I've uploaded some videos in my FB. Visit my FB for more photos and to watch the videos!

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