Monday, July 9, 2012

The finer things.

The cruise to Redang was unforgettable. From getting to know the girls, to waking up at 4 am to catch the sunrise for the shoot, to stuffing ourselves silly with the glorious food on board. Great food, great view and most importantly, awesome company- I really couldn't ask for a better experience <3

RWS from our ship.

Roomies <3 Miss bunking with you girls.

My SunShine (Her name is Shine)! Always looking so bright and happy.

The gorgeous Nathasha and Nadia.

Pretty Eunice!

Obligatory toilet shot. Haha.

High class siol! Hehe.

Disappointing blueberry cheese tart. Looks good, but tasted like crap.

Our Chinese dinner (this was after having the Western dinner, haha. Greedy much)

They're fully clothed underneath, don't worry.


Post-shoot camwhore moments with Nadia.

Simply breathtaking.

Post-shoot breakfast (again, we had breakfast at 2 different places. What pigs!)

En route to Redang. We had to take a smaller boat to the island (so the ship had to anchor in the middle of the sea)

Cuties Mandy and Fai!

Beautiful Kylie and Audrey :)

Hot Russian boys.

The water is so green and clear, it looks almost unreal.

My girls <3

I acquired a bit of colour during my short visit there.

Our super sweet housekeeper did this for us <3 The rest of the girls didn't get this okay. Hehe.

My first time having a whole plate of salad. It was good, surprisingly. I honestly thought it was gonna suck (cause seriously, how tasty can greens be?)

Sadly, I didn't manage to take individual photos with most of the girls :(

More photos here (but you have to add me and I have to accept you first haha)

Anyway, what do you think of my short hair?

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