Monday, July 2, 2012

But that was then, and this is now.

(Asymmetric hem cut out dress, Nastygal)

The details on this dress is beyond amazing- the sweetheart neckline, the asymmetric hemline, the mesh detail, the cut out sides, the zipper at the back, even the white of the dress. Minus my face, the entire ensemble looks almost angelic.

I have always been a sucker for anything asymmetric. I was pretty much sold the first time I laid eyes on this beauty. I admit, I had reservations about getting the dress at first because of the hefty price tag
(this dress costs >$100). But once I'm sold, I'm sold. Nothing, not even the ridiculous price tag, can stop me from getting what I want, when I want it (my friends can vouch for this). Haha.

I look horrible in photos. Period.

PS: Went out almost bare-faced that day. Decided to forgo the eyeliner (cause I wanted to try something out). I look like a dead chicken. My face NEVER bring justice to all the pretty outfits I have on. And my nose!! They look weird. I look like I'm flaring my nostrils in the photos above, when in actual fact, I am not (Not funny please, don't laugh!) Haizzz. DEAR FACE, WHY YOU NO LOOK GOOD IN PHOTOS?


  1. The details on this is beautiful!! You rocked it! And you are so pretty lar. Blame it on e camera for not capturing your beautiful face! ;)

    1. Thanks babe :) I think my camera don't like my face. Everybody else looks beautiful when captured. Haha.

    2. Awww, you really think so? That's sweet. Thanks! :)

  2. you should join SIA! I'm sure you will ACE IT =D

  3. SIA = CABIN CREW <3