Sunday, June 3, 2012

Project DIY.

I cannot afford to do up a proper post right now because,

1) I need to study for my exams, and a proper post would require me to sit in front of a computer for at least an hour and a half (cause I need to upload pictures, resize them, check for grammar and spelling mistakes, etc)

2) My computer is crazy. It keeps shutting down by itself before I can get to the login part. I have to keep switching it back on, and it'll take me at least 20 tries before I can get a positive response, and

3) I haven't gone out to take outfit shots in a while now, so I do not have any nice photos to post up here.

In the meantime, I'll be doing mini updates via the Blogger app in my iphone (as per what's happening now). Anyway, I had a bit of time the other day, so I took out an old shirt and embedded some studs on the collar. This is my virgin attempt at DIY-ing. I need the actual piece of clothing that I want studded to look perfect, hence the practice. Thankfully, the process wasn't as tedious or complex as I thought it would be. In fact, I managed to embed 5 studs on the collar within 5 minutes. It's really easy! I'm glad I decided to embark on 'Project DIY'. This is the result of the Testing Phase (the final product will look nothing like this. I have ideas on how the studs should be arranged on the collar. Just you wait and see :) )

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