Thursday, May 17, 2012


I'm going back to centre parting! My hair's thinning at the sides (evident in the photos below), so the only way to save myself from looking like a freak is to part my hair at the centre. I is veh sad cause I is born with virtually no hair ):

No hair= no eyebrows too. Hahaha.

Love how my legs look here :)

(Total stud blouse, ebay. Burgundy leather skirt, OSF)

Too much sunlight in the last photo here. But I love the picturesque background (ps: it's only the walkway of my void deck, haha).

Pretty pleased with the outcome of my mixing and matching of clothes last Saturday. I love how this leather skirt makes my legs appear long and skinny and perfect (not the case in real life, sadly). And yes, I have the exact same top in peach too (pictured in a couple of posts back). I can't get enough of the pretty off shoulder detail and studded collar.

I haven't run in a week now and I'm feeling really guilty. I haven't been consistent with my runs because of school and exams. I miss running and feeling healthy. I really wish I had the time ):

I talk too much, don't I?

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