Sunday, April 1, 2012

You shout it loud, but I can't hear a word you say.

My mum got angry with me (and my other siblings) because our store was holding more stuff that it could contain. There is hardly any room for human movement. There were too many shoes boxes- TOO MANY. You would think that all the shoes in there belong to me, but guess what, my elder brother shops like a boss when it comes to shoes! I'm not really a 'shoe' person- I'd rather spend my money on clothes. Haha.

So I took out all my shoes from their respective boxes today and dump them all into one big box. No, two boxes actually, cause I kept my lita in a separate box by itself haha (#new shoes biasness). I realise that I only have 5 good shoes (good= town-worthy), and they all come in neutral or monochrome shades (black and brown to be precise).

I wish I had more shoes, so that I can arrange them neatly by colours/types, take pictures and then show them off to the world here like some famous fashion blogger haha. Unfortunately, I have only 5 and they all look so boring, but I still want to act 'fashion blogger' for a while and post up pictures of my shoes.

Let me present to you, my NOT-SO-IMPRESSIVE SHOE COLLECTION!



Top row (left to right): Zara suede tie-up wedges, Jeffrey Campbell Lita in Taupe Suede, JC-inspired platforms
Bottom row (left to right): Topshop strappy platform clogs, Topshop boots

You can see that I do not own any heels/stilettos (I am not the girly-girl type) and most of my shoes are the tie-up kind. I love shoes with chunky heels/platforms cause they look more edgy and they are easier to walk in.

Now I need to go clear my wardrobe. Will be selling off a couple of stuff from Topshop and other brands. Look out for my next selling post!

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