Sunday, April 29, 2012

Knot anymore.

(Twist knot dress, Saboskirt. Lita Platform Boots, Jeffrey Campbell)

None of the photos Mish and Iqah took of me yesterday looks good, so I guess I just have to settle for these. Despite feeling great inside, the greatness doesn't seem to shine through in photos. Haha. I thought I look ugly lah yesterday. Don't know if it's the hair or the face. Regardless, I thought the dress was lovely :) This is definitely my favourite dress for now. Oh yeah, my legs in the first photo look muscular or what?! Hahaha.

What we had for dinner yesterday.

My Grilled White Fish with Peri-Peri Sauce. I feel like eating this again now.

And this is Mish's New York Fish and Chips, which he didn't finish.

Okay abrupt ending cause I really have nothing to say. Hopefully, I don't get hungry when I study tonight.


  1. You look so cool! Im going to order this myself, but can i ask what size you are wearing? :)

    1. Hey there, thank you :) I wear an S for this.