Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I've always been the girl with the boring colour palette. I wear nothing but black and white, and when I do wear something bright/colourful, my overall look is toned down with the pairing up of other monochromatic/neutral pieces. So when my studded collar blouse arrived last week, I knew I had to pair it up with something not neutral and safe. I teamed the peach beauty with my raspberry jeans from Topshop. The result? A very conservative colour-blocking number. Sadly, I'm still not at the level where I can go out wearing something extremely bright and chirpy like yellow jeans with say, a lime green top. This is already a stretch for me. Haha.

See, even my face needs colour. Haha. (Btw, I'm not as tan as what you see here. I'm really quite fair and pale actually. It was dark and we had to use flash)


(Total stud blouse, Nastygal. Raspberry jeans, Topshop. Taupe lita, Jeffrey Campbell)

I have another one of this in transit right now. The piece that is on its way is cream in colour. I had a hard time deciding which colour to get. In the end, I got both peach and cream, AND I have thoughts on getting the mint in June. Hahahaha. Fickle, or just plain crazy?


  1. I have this blouse on my whishlist for months! I wasn't sure it would fit right ... but now that I've seen on you, I'm definitely buying it :)! Looks great!


    1. Yay! Go get it! It's very pretty in real life :)