Sunday, March 11, 2012

All good things come to an end.

(Into the wild maxi dress, Nastygal. Leather skinny belt, Topshop)

It was only after receiving this dress that I realise I should have taken an XS instead of an S. I figured size S would work fine for me (because honestly, I didn't think I was skinny enough to fit into an XS). Oh boy was I wrong. Without the belt, the dress hung a little loose on me. If you scroll down to the proceeding photos, you can see the excess cloth around my arms and waist. I seriously don't understand how I can still shrink when I don't run as often/watch my diet anymore. Just weigh myself recently and am surprised to see a 45 on the scale. I really don't want to lose anymore weight.

Anyway, Orchard was pretty quiet last Saturday. I guess everybody was busy scoring themselves amazing deals at the IT fair (my camera now costs $598! Poor baby). Got myself 2 tops, one of which was this gorgeous eagle tank from Topshop.

This outfit would have looked more whole/complete if I had put on more accessories. Unfortunately, I hate having a lot of accessories on me, and I don't think I know how to incorporate them into my outfit even if I actually had them.

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