Saturday, February 25, 2012

Yeah the night is alive, you can feel the heartbeat.

The sun is shining directly on my face here, and Iqah don't know how to ask me to shift to a better spot -_- I look like Edward Cullen, my face slowly perishing in the sun. #picturefail

Nah, another fail shot. Now, I'm over exposed. Eh Iqah, time to brush up on your photography skill.

And yes, that is my gorgeous leather skater skirt right there :)

(Great Heart tank, Topshop. Leather skater skirt,

See how perfect these shots turn out to be. Just the right amount of sunlight, headroom and good angle. Thanks to yours truly. IQAH, YOU BETTER LEARN OKAY.

First time taking pictures with my camera under natural light. All my previous photos were taken at night, both indoor and outdoor. I like the natural light better, but Mish and I always go out when the sun is gone.

Anyway, I thought I should bring Iqah out today only because I haven't brought her out in a long, long time. So, we headed to town for some window-shopping. I went to search for my lace shorts and found a couple of pretty ones. Can't wait for pay day next week. Once I get the money, I'm gonna get ALL the things I see today. Yes, all.

These are currently on my want list (besides the Taupe Lita):

-maxi dress
-lace shorts
-oversized sweater
-white shirt
-basic tops (heather grey and white)

And oh, I've been meaning to start my revision since last week. Haven't really got down to it because time is never on my side. Need to get serious and do something fast. This is my last semester and I really want to pass these few papers and get school over and done with. On the contrary, I don't want to start work either. Oh, the agony. The word 'work' has so much negativity attached to it. Bf, please be rich fast. Thank you very nice.

Picnic tomorow (later) with the gang!

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