Saturday, January 21, 2012

Taking is always easy.

My birthday celebration was a quiet and fuss-free affair. We both decided last year that we were gonna celebrate out birthdays simply in the future. I kind of like the idea of a quiet evening with my loved one. After all that Mish has done for me in the past, I really couldn't ask for a bigger and better celebration. At the end of the day, his presence is the only thing I yearn for on my birthday.

We left home for dinner at 6 pm. Earlier on in the day, we had school. Initial plan was to have dinner at Swensen's, but I changed my mind after because I decided I want something soupy and spicy. So we had Thai Express instead. I had the tom yum noodle (yes, I'm very predictable and boring like that) and Mish had the tom yum fried rice.


I wanted to put on a bit more makeup, but I was clueless as to how to, so I just did my normal makeup (eyeliner + blush) and added mascara to my lashes and swiped some colour on my lips. You can tell from the picture that it's damn FAIL lah. I look like I had no make up on, even after adding all those extra stuff.



We wanted to see who had the best shot of the fried rice with my (old) camera, so we each snapped a photo of it. Picture #1 was shot by Mish, and picture #2 by me. Obviously, the boy from the Photography Club in secondary school won lor.

Oh yes, we had sambal kangkong too.

After dinner, we walked around town for a bit. We had plans to get dessert after, but we didn't want to have them immediately, so we window-shopped a little to let our dinner settle down properly. We had dessert at Swensen's at 10 pm (oops, I strayed away from my 'no-food-after-9pm' rule).

We had this awesome dessert (Banana Crumble) featuring banana crumble (duh), with caramelised banana slices and vanilla ice cream, topped with butterscotch cream sauce. SUPER SINFUL, BUT SUPER GOOOOD, I SWEAR. The hot and cold combination of the caramel and butterscotch sauce with the ice cream is beyond amazing.

Of course we also had the Sticky Chewy Chocolate ice cream malt drink.

Complimentary ice cream from Swensen's :)

Outfit of the day:

(Polka dot swing dress, NastyGal. Leather jacket, Miss Selfridge)

AND........PRESENTING TO YOU........*drumroll please*

(I actually already knew what I was getting. Haha. When we made the decision to have simpler birthday celebrations in the future, we also agree that we should let each other know what we want for our birthdays so that it would be less stressing for both of us when it comes to getting the gift)

Thank you baby, for the wonderful treats, and of course my even wonderful new toy. I really enjoyed this simple celebration. <3

And now it's My turn to say to you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE! See you in a while :)

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