Sunday, January 22, 2012

Brighter than sunshine.

It was Mish's birthday yesterday! 24 years of living already. My bf's getting old. Eeeeyeerrrr. Hahaha.

As mentioned in an earlier post, Mish and I agreed on a simple celebration this year. We did nothing but eat on his birthday and we couldn't be happier. I haven't been on a food spree since August/September last year. I think my stomach's really happy with the kind of food it was receiving yesterday. Truly a gastronomical delight.

So we started the day with dinner at Fig and Olive at Downtown East. Mish wanted to have steak, so we decided to give this restaurant a try. When we reached the place, it was empty. The only souls present were the staff and the cook. Haha.

I have VERY THIN hands. I look at them and I freak out sometimes.

SUPER GOOD MUSHROOM SOUP. The best I've ever tasted, hands down.

Mish's steak. It doesn't taste as good as it looks, according to Mish (I don't eat beef/mutton). The portion was huge though.

My very boring melted cheese fish and chips. It was pretty decent I guess. I just wished they had put real melted cheese on top of the fish and not those melted Kraft-like square cheese.

Veh cute. Hehe.

We were pretty full by the time we finished dinner. But because we didn't had anywhere to go and Mish's friend had asked that we swing by his workplace when we had the time, we decided to head down to the dessert place straight (aka Kadir's workplace) at Changi Airport.

TCC for dessert.

I know, I know. I'm boring and plain like that. Somebody teach me how to make up pleaseeee!

I have skills okay? Just look at this awesome picture.

Hazelnut shake. My favourite!

My hair so straight, me no likey :( It makes my face look even skinnier than it should be.

Mad awesome hot and spicy chicken wings. Did I mention how much I LOVE MY NEW OLYMPUS PEN? It takes really good pictures, as you can see.

Pretty, pretty picture of the layered cake Kadir gifted Mish. It was also the second birthday cake for the boy.

Another beautiful shot from yours truly. Hehe.

OMG! THIS IS THE MOST DELICIOUS THING I'VE EVER TASTED, I SWEAR. I think it's called Chocolate Lava Cake or something. I would go back for this, seriously.

Blue socks with desert-sand shoes and rust-coloured pants. My bf sure knows how to play with colours.


All in all, we had:

1. One main each at Fig and Olive
2. Chicken wings
3. Three shakes (my first time ditching plain water and drinking an entire sweet drink by myself. Well done)
4. One layered cake
5. One Chocolate Lava Cake

I feel so fat just listing everything down. Need to go run later.

I love my thighs here! Actually, (don't mean to sound conceited/arrogant but) I think my thighs look good. Also, I like how tall I look now that my thighs have slimmed down. I have always dreamt about being tall and thin. And now, I get to live half that dream :)

(Sheer rust shirtdress, NastyGal)

My bf wanted to be matchy-matchy with me, so he too wore rust-coloured pants. Haha.

Happy birthday again my love! I hope you like the 'temporary' present I got you. I know it's not much, but I hope you're happy. You know I love you. xx

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