Friday, December 30, 2011

Days like these.

Today's post is gonna be a bit lengthy. I'll be blogging about 3 events that took place over the last week/this week.

1. Bugis with my niece

Headed to Bugis on a Saturday to help my niece find her high waist jeans and crop union jack tee. Haven't been there for the longest time. Was surprised to see some pretty neat stuff being sold there. The clothes are not that cheap though. A common-looking blogshop piece can easily cost you a little over $20. :/

Niece finally got her stuff. Both items cost her $50. Her high waist jeans alone costs $40. NOT CHEAP AT ALL. Can get at a blogshop for $26? The only reason why she never purchased it online was because they didn't have one in her size.

(Leopard face tank and cobalt bandage skirt, Topshop. Hot pink socks, H&M)

My hair super straight, I don't like ): I always have my fringe pinned up because of this.

Had dinner at Tong Seng and donuts at JCo before heading home.

2. Dinner cum catch up/karaoke session with the girls

Finally met up with the girls after ages of not seeing one another last Monday. Initially, there were only 3 of us. Shar and Farah joined us later (unfortunately, Midah couldn't make it ): ).

We met Shar at Orchard itself and had dinner at Thai Express. It was Shar's treat (:

My gorgeous air stewardess.

No food pictures in Que's cammy. Actually, Kae took one with her phone. We were all (actually, just me) damn hungry.

After dinner, we went to the toilet to camwhore! Haha. We spent a good half hour (I think I might be understating this. Hehe) taking photos after photos of us. We even made sure all of us had a picture taken with one another.

Kae looks exceptionally small in all the photos here (especially in the one where she was standing beside me). She is actually one of the tallest in the group, but she didn't had her heels on that day while the rest of us did. So kesian.

Look at how huge I stand beside her.


I got dimple yo! NOT!

Haha. I still insist I have it.

Kae left us for dikir practice after dinner. The rest of us girls headed to Topshop and H&M. We stopped by Best Fries Forever and Famous Amos at Cine before making our way to The Grand Cathay to meet Farah.

Macho cheese. My favourite!

We walked all the way to The Grand Cathay in heels! Good exercise after all that eating.

So pretty ((:

Anyway, the plan was to play games at St Games (haha). But upon reaching, the staff told us that they were closed for the night. So disappointing ): We walked so far you know. While deciding on the next course of action, we camwhored, again! Hehe.

And then we decided. Karaoke at Kbox Cine it was! (Back to square one. Haha) We didn't walk back though. We took the bus instead.

Deciding on the drinks.

Kae came back to meet us after her dikir practice. By then, it was already 12.30? But so sweet lah, she cabbed all the way down from Simei.

Overall, it was a night well spent (: Really wish Midah was there with us.

3. Sentosa with love

Sentosa with love on a cool, dry Tuesday. We had to take a raincheck the other time because it was pouring madly. Thank god the weather was awesome.

Mish had purchased two $5 tickets for Luge, Go Green and Songs of the Sea from a friend prior to our trip (Honestly, it was the only reason we were there in the first place. I would definitely NOT PAY the full amount for these rides. Haha. I damn cheapo one. Anyway, the deal was too good to pass up. Plus, I never took these rides before).

Outfit of the day!

(Button up sleeveless blouse [a gift from WR and Sharon], Topshop. One button high waist jeans,

Decided to go green that day and left the bike/car at home. Took the public transport for a change. Mish hadn't ride in them for years now.

First up- Go Green ride. We had a one-on-one practice session with the staff before we were allowed the chance to go on our own. It was actually pretty easy to maneuver the thing around. At first look, it seemed complicated.

All geared up.

Mish, like a pro.

I knocked into a tree on the second round. It was damn funny, I swear. Imagine me screaming, while helplessly trying to gain balance and control of that machine. Hahaha!

Next up, it was Luge. I was SO looking forward to this ride. We had to take the Skyride up before we could take the Luge ride.

On the move.

LUGE WAS SCARY, BUT DAMN FUN! Too bad we only had 2 rides. I bumped into the curb a couple of times on the first ride. So kental, I know. Don't laugh at me okay. I couldn't estimate the amount of effort to put in when swerving right and left, so I ended up crashing onto the curb half the time. I suffered a baluku on my right leg near the ankle because of this ): The second try was smoother because Mish finally decided to impart some of his skills and knowledge. Selfish lor my boyfriend. Hmmph!

By the time we were done with the Luge, it was pretty late. We decided to sell our Songs of the Sea tickets to a family (we had 4). That summed up our day at Sentosa.

SUPER FUN DAY, I SWEAR. And I love my bf because he was damn handsome that day.

Love days like these.

Next up: Date with Ayu! ((:

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