Sunday, December 18, 2011

I am unbreakable.

I am really, really, REALLY pissed off with a local magazine company. Promised so much, yet none materialised. Shall keep the story to myself for now. Unless they start treating me seriously, I will take the first legal action against them.


The bf and I went shopping earlier on at Orchard. The place was mad crowded; particularly at the A & F/Paragon/Taka/Wisma area. DO NOT plan on stepping foot in Orchard Road anytime soon. Too many people doing their last round of Christmas shopping.

Had dinner at Fish and Co, where Mish and I split a single seafood platter. We also shared a Caramel Fudge-something for dessert. Fattening or whatttt.

Edited shots (cause my camera sucks!):

Non-edited shots (you can see how sucky the quality is):


(Teal cut-in bodycon dress, Topshop. Leather jacket, Miss Selfridge)

Been wearing this 'socks with heels' combo/look to death. I want to wear my other colour socks out, but haven't got the chance to. They either don't match my entire outfit, or they stand out too much by themselves.


Double yumzz.

Scored myself the perfect dark red/berry jeans from Topshop. The last piece in my size some more! SWEEEEEEEEEEET.

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