Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Don't care if we bend.

To answer the question a couple of you have been asking, I have decided to put together a blog entry about my diet/exercise regime. This is just something I came up with (of course, based on research and help from the bf) and imposed upon myself, therefore I cannot guarantee the same result for all of you. This is not the best diet plan out there, but it works just fine for me.

But before I get to that, here's a little history.

About 2 years ago, I embarked on a poorly-planned/implemented weight-reduction programme. The programme failed because, 1) I exercised only about 2 times a week (15 minutes each time), 2) I had difficulty (no discipline) adhering to the programme, 3) I still eat whatever I want, at whatever time I please, and 4) I quit in the first month after seeing no results (no patience).

Fast forward to 3 months ago, I realised how important it was for me to get back in shape (not that I was in good shape previously, but I have no other way of saying this). I saw myself looking at pictures of skinny girls on the net at every hour of the day and getting jealous over their beautiful bodies. I was pretty determined to lose weight after that. Hence, I put forth a new regime, and vowed never to stray away from it.

I started off slow. I didn't put a restriction on what I eat, but I ran 2 times a week diligently. After Mish stressed out the importance of looking after my diet, I decided to review my overall weight-reduction plan. I became more mindful of the things I put in my mouth. There were some other changes to the initial plan as well. Okay, I shall stop all these blabbering. This is my diet/exercise plan:


- I drink plain water only (water is believed to help lose weight fast)

- If I feel like having a sweet drink, I only take a couple of sips

- I snack on fruits when I'm feeling hungry at night

- If I want to have unhealthy food like fries or Ruffles (gosh, I keep mentioning Ruffles everytime I talk about food), I put a restriction on the amount consumed; say if I want to eat Kinder Bueno, I only take 2 squares out of the total 8 squares in one packet

- On days where I really cannot tahan, I will allow myself to indulge, but I compensate for it by not eating anymore of such stuff in the following week

- I cut down on the amount of rice/noodles (basically, any carb-rich food) I take in daily

- I try to have one meal a day, otherwise, I have two (one full meal, one small meal)

- I try to eat one apple every day

- I make my mum cook fishball soup for me almost everyday. Hahaha. I eat rice with fishball soup and vegetables at least 3 times a week. This is my dinner.

- I eat white noodles like mee hoon and laksa bee hoon, instead of yellow noodles.

- I count my calories. I restrict myself to 1000 calories a day. A complete meal can easily cost you 350-500 calories.

Basically, I still eat whatever I want. But I put a limit to the quantity I take in and I forgo certain food/drinks completely (like Coke).


- I jog for 35 minutes a day, every other day.


HAVE PATIENCE. Remember that there is no such thing as miracles when it comes to this; only sheer determination, discipline and hard work. I'm no health guru/pro (hey, I'm still learning and applying this regime myself), but I do believe success comes to those who work for it. My motivation? My clothes and those skinny girls.

I hope this answers all of your queries! Good luck (:

PS: My apologies for any grammatical errors. Too lazy to check and edit.

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