Friday, December 2, 2011

The beginning.

Haven't seen an outfit post in this space for quite some time now. These days, I tend to dress down a lot more than I dress up. I don't really have the mood to dress up because of the exams that are nearing. Feelings do affect a person's dressing, after all. I promise more dressier outfit posts in the near future. Just wait for it (:

(Leopard face tank, Topshop. MOTO leigh soft skinny jeans, Topshop)

I purchased this leopard tank a few days ago from Topshop. Been eyeing it for a while now, and finally, I get to own it. The search for it was horrible. I went to every Topshop store I could think of, with hopes of securing a piece. Unfortunately, the smaller sizes had run out and most of the stores only carry large sizes. But me, being the persistent one, kept on searching till I found one in UK 6- the only piece left. Can you believe it? I am one happy and lucky girl.

So anyway, Mish and I went on a short movie and dinner date yesterday. We watched Breaking Dawn and I must warn you, THE MOVIE SUCKED. BIG TIME. We had thoughts on leaving the theatre midway, but we decided against it in the end because we felt it could prove us wrong eventually, in the later parts of the movie. Turned out, we should have gone with the former instead.

Chilled a bit at the new Punggol Waterway (dubbed by the media as the Venice of Singapore) before heading home. The place is BEAUTIFUL. Very peaceful and scenic.

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