Monday, November 28, 2011

Said and done.

Last week, I purchased a dress from Nastygal. A few days after placing my order, I went to check the status of it and saw that it was still 'in progress'. I found it odd because usually, my items would be shipped out the day following order placement/confirmation. So, I contacted Nastygal to ask about the status. Right after my email was sent, I sensed disappointing news. And true enough, they did revert with disappointing news. Recently, they adopted a new inventory system which resulted in a lot of problems. The system caused some items to continue selling, even though they had actually sold out before the time of the order. And because of this technical mishap, my order was cancelled and I couldn't get this pretty dress!! ):

I really can cry now! I don't own any dress in this pretty, olive colour and I love the gold buttons that run through the front of the dress. It's super unique; I don't think I can find anything similar in SG ): ): ):

Even though they've compensated me since, I couldn't help but feel a bit disappointed with their lack of technical competence/professionalism in setting up a proper inventory system. I hope they get this problem fixed soon.

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