Sunday, September 4, 2011

It was dark and I was over.

Mish and I made a last minute decision to visit the new and only H&M outlet in Singapore yesterday night. There was a queue forming outside the building even though it was already 9 pm when we reached. The store was supposed to close at 10 pm, but due to the high volume of human traffic, they only started disallowing entry at close to 12 pm.

THE PLACE IS WICKED. Girls, this is heaven for you. From shoes to bags, belts to lingerie, clothes to hoiseries. THEY HAVE EVERYTHING. And the prices are reasonable too. A pair of flats would only cost you $17.90, while a leather jacket costs $80. I went in there with hope of coming out with bags and bags of goodies. But guess what? I came a little too late, and most of the stuff I want is either sold out (BOOHOO- I want that orange skinny belt) or sold out (BOOHOO- I want that cape top the mannequin was wearing). Yes, everything (the pretty ones, of course) was wiped out in less than half a day. Thanks to the Kiasu Singaporeans who queued up since 2 pm the night before to grab everything the next morning. -_-

On the bright side, the staff told me that H&M restocks everyday, so that's something to be happy about (:

Mish, on the other hand, got out with 1 FULL BAG of goodies. He got colourful socks, a casual top, cardigan, belt, suspenders and a leather cuff (which costs $3.90 only!!). And HE was the one who came down with no intention of getting anything. -_-

Anyways, I think it's a great thing that H&M decides to open here in Singapore. Finally, a store for me to alternate between (otherwise, it'll just be Topshop). It's affordability is another plus point. LOVE H&M <3

The face. Cannot tahan sia.

And my outfit for the evening...

(Wine tube jumpsuit, skinny belt, kimono outerwear, shoes- all from Topshop. Red clutch, therunwaybandits)

I did not go home empty-handed though...

I got myself these colourful socks! Hehe. Keeping my fingers crossed for my next visit. Hopefully, they restock on the ones that I'm eyeing.

My camera quality sucks. I WANT NEW CAMMY!

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