Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dancing in the dark.

My hotmail inbox is full of online orders and confirmation emails. Already now, I have 6 parcels pending receipt from the UK, US and Korea. Then, I just had to aggravate the matter by dragging someone else into my little obsession. My mum is now officially hooked to ASOS. Just today, she made her second purchase from the site. HAIYO SYIRIN. BAD INFLUENCE. TSK-TSK.

So anyway, my mum and I went shopping today. We went to Topshop and Forever21 at Ion, before heading to H&M (my fourth time there. I swear I can tell you where to find the different type of clothing and accessories, right down to the shelves housing them), and then to 313 Somersot's Forever 21 again before our legs gave way and decide to go home. My mum was on a spending spree. Every shop she entered, she had to leave with at least one item in her hands. I felt like I was the mother and she was the teenager. Haha. I, on the other hand, went home with a leopard print tote from Topshop (which costs only $18, YAY to F3 members' discount!). I really want to spend more, but I couldn't let the devil get the best of me. So yeah, the only thing I could do was to share my mum's happiness.

Pretty orange shorts which I tried, but didn't buy.

Camwhored a little in the cubicle while my mum tried on some clothes next door.

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