Saturday, August 20, 2011

Nothing lasts forever.

Shoot at Marina Bay Sands ($13,000/night) Suite last Friday was awesome! Picture this. A fantastic view of the city and the skyline, a huge ass living room with remote-controlled lights, switches and blinds (how fucking cool is that), a karaoke lounge (again, how fucking cool is that), a fitness corner, a little spa, 2 gigantic bedrooms with equally gigantic bathrooms, a walk-in wardrobe and a large amount of space for basically everything and anything. And right in the middle of the living room laid a baby grand piano! Cool shitzzzz.

Shall not elaborate further on this. If you want to know/see more, BUY NEXT MONTH'S ISSUE OF CHIC MAGAZINE! Hehe. Meanwhile, here are some behind-the-scene shots.

The hairstylist crimped my hair to create volume. I look like a lion here, with this hair. Haha. But I must admit, the hairstyle meshed well with the theme/look/vision the photographer had in mind.

One touch of the button and you get the ultimate toilet experience.

I wore coloured lenses for the shoot.

Love the hairdryer!

The mini gym.

Pretty Kendra.


Inspirations for the shoot.

Gorgeous Sarah.

Spa room.

Killer shoes.


Loving the rock chic vibe this girl is giving off.

Walk-in wardrobe.

The toilet seat cover automatically lifts up upon entering the cubicle.

Sexy Rachel.

Accessories galore!

Getting made up.

I don't look like me.

One half of our closet.


The other half of our closet.

Massive bedroom.

(Credits to Sarah and Rachel for the photos above)

Thank you Chic, for giving me the opportunity to experience something as amazing as this (:


  1. I like how you can pull the red lipstick look off!

  2. awww babe you look super awesomeeeeeeee! Jealous much, how can you look so hot hahahah! And i cannot buy the chic mag so keep us posted? hehe! love, shar.

  3. Hello babyyyy! YOU ARE HOTTER OKAY, but I love you so for saying that! Hehe. Thank you <3