Friday, August 5, 2011

I love you like a love song baby.

Reaaally looking forward to my shopping date tomorrow with Mish. Can definitely do with a new wardrobe now. I need a dress, a leather skirt and a clutch for raya!

Anyways, I have always had this love-hate relationship with bangs. The only reason why I'm growing out my fringe now is because I got bored of bangs back then when I had them. But now, after browsing through the photos taken in the earlier half of this year, I'm all up for it again. But i don't want to regret later cause growing it out is SUCH. A. PAIN. And yes, I miss my natural, not-particularly-straight hair as well.

On a side note, ONE OF MY STUDENTS THOUGHT I WAS 25 YEARS OLD! I IS VEH SAD BECAUSE I APPEAR OLD TO HER. But then again, she's a kid. I would've thought the same thing of MY teachers when I was THAT age. Haha. I'm old and I'm in denial and I'm sad. Can I be 18 forever? ):

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