Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ready to fire me a hot one.

A female surveyor approached me. She whipped out a pen from her pocket, got her survey form ready and started asking me some questions.

Woman: Hi, are you Christian?
Me: No.
Woman: Then what's your religion?
Me: Muslim.
Woman: Are you interested in learning The Bible?
Me: (actual reply) No. I have utmost faith in my religion.
(in my head) Yes, I am interested in The Bible. That's why I'm a Muslim. -_-

The woman gave me the 'I don't see any problem' look when I gave her my response. I knew she wanted to question me further, so I politely thanked her and walked away.

What a stupid question. I already stated that I'm Muslim, so why bother asking me if I am interested in learning The Bible? I managed a brief scan at the questionnaire the woman was carrying. Everything was related to Christianity and The Bible. She should have stopped when I say I was a Muslim.

PS: I have absolutely no hatred/disrespect towards Christianity. I respect all religion equally. I just thought it was unnecessary and a tad disrespectful (not to mention, offensive) that she's questioning my faithfulness/loyalty towards my religion. You'd be caught off guard too if it happened to you, wouldn't you?


  1. You should ask her if she wants to convert into a Muslim instead and (starts promoting muslim) hahahhaha no offense, but this is what I would do. (btw, i'm freethinker. I'd probably promote buddism to her)

  2. IKR! Hahaha. But I didn't want to start anything cause I was in no mood to argue with her.