Monday, June 20, 2011

And it will be just like you were never gone.

Last Friday, I brought Iqah out to Marina Square for some window-shopping. Mish joined us in the later part of the night. We booked a midnight show for Green Lantern. The show was surprisingly good, but the ending was rather brief and abrupt.

Had Secret Recipe for dinner. No prize for guessing- I had the tom yum koong with rice noodles. Yummeh.

My camera quality sucks big time. Need to get a new one soon. TinyFry please open quick! It's time I utilise the voucher.

Mish agreed that my cheeks grew fatter. Perfect.


  1. your cheeks didn't grow fatter syirin!! sharon and i agreed that they're high cheekbones which fann wong has as well and its very pretty! :)

  2. But fann wong's cheekbones are so slim and perky! hahahaha! You're too kind lah babe! <3